To warm-up a little bit in the winter we visited Porto. With plenty of sun and nice port wines to warm us up Porto turned out to be quite a good city-trip destination.



Another escape to the Caribbean. This time our destination was Cuba, the home of rum, interesting buildings, awesome beaches and diesel fumes.

Yellow cab in Havana

Brugge (Bruges)

Dutch people usually recommend you to go to Antwerps or maybe Brussels. Bruges, however, is one of the most visited tourist-spots in Europe. My experience? Worth a visit! Go!




Yeah, we got a cat. A young kitten called Sherlock. So yeah, it’s inevitable. I have to post some pictures of him. Sorry 😉


Update june 9th, 2014: here are some more recent pictures 🙂


I was only in Morocco for a short time, but did get a great impression of Marrakesh and the Atlas mountains. The souks (covered markets) of Marrakesh are definitly worth visiting, just make sure you don’t show any interest in a product, the salesmen will follow you around with new last prices 😉

Souks Marrakesh

Dominican Republic

Beautiful beaches, sun, palm trees and a wonderful sea. That’s the Dominican republic at first glance. Getting away from the resorts did show us the other side of the Dominican republic. Great country, friendly people and amazing nature!

Sosua, Dominican Republic


In the summer of 2013 we had a nice visit to Croatia. I forgot to post some pictures before, so here they finally are! Some of the places on the pictures are Trogir, Split, Plitvice lakes and Zagreb.


Last summer I’ve spent one afternoon in Vienna. The beauty of this city was a huge surprise for me. Here are just a few pictures:



When you show Holland to a foreigner, you can’t skip the Keukenhof. Unfortunatly we went on the busiest day (I hope). A lot of flowers and a lot of people 🙂 Here are some pictures of the flowers:

Keukenhof 1